Canada Goose FAQs

Canada Goose make some of the best cold weather jackets and parkas on the planet.  Designed to be withstand temperatures of -30c and the most hostile environments known to man they are among the best jackets around.  The Canada Goose brand is becoming more well known thanks to a number of high profile appearances in Hollywood films.  Canada Goose jackets are now just as likely to be seen in the city as out in the wilderness and for anyone who has not come across the brand before here are some of the most commonly asked questions:


Warranty Policy

Canada Goose has a unique warranty policy for all of its jackets and parkas purchased through authorised dealers.  They offer a lifetime warranty that should the item fail through any defect in materials or workmanship over its lifetime they will replace or repair it free of charge.

Temperature Ratings

Canada Goose use their own temperature ratings scale known as the Thermal Experience Index (TEI).  This offers a quick and easy guide to the conditions and temperature and individual item in the range is suitable for.  A jacket or parka rated TEI 5 is suitable for the harshest conditons and temperatures down to -30c.

Real Fur?

Canada Goose is committed to the environment and the ethical treatment of the animals in it.  While real coyote fur is used in the creation of a number of items in the Canada Goose range its use is strictly limited and regulated.  All furs come from sustainable sources and no endangered species or animals are used.  The company adheres to strict guidelines laid down by the Fur Council of Canada for the use of furs in their products.


Cleaning and Care

While some Canada Goose products can be washed by machine most of them need to be dry cleaned by a professional.  All down insulated jackets and parkas must be dry cleaned and failing to do so will significantly shorten the life of the garment.

Canada Goose Wear for Babies

Canada Goose make some of the best cold weather jackets and parkas on the planet and now many of these iconic designs have been adapted to fit kids and babies.  Offering the same protection and insulation as the full size versions these items are guaranteed to keep kids warm and safe not matter how long they stay out in the snow.  Here’s a quick look at some of the items in the Canada Goose collection for babies:


Baby Snowsuit

The Canada Goose baby snowsuit offers the ultimate in protection and warmth for the smallest snow lovers.  The snowsuit incorporates a number of features you would expect to see from any item in the Canada Goose range such as removable coyote fur ruff, 625 white duck down insulation, DWR finish, storm flaps and Velcro pockets.

The baby snowsuit is designed to be as easy to get into and out of as possible with a zipper running from chin to ankle.  It is available in a range of sizes from 12-18 months and 18-24 months up to 4 years.  There is a choice of colours to suit both boys and girls and to make them easy to find in the snow.


Baby Elijah Bomber

The Baby Elijah Bomber jacket is based on one of the most popular jackets in the Canada Goose range the Chilliwack.  Offering both stylish good looks and ultimate protection from the cold boys of all ages will look great in the Baby Elijah.  Using the same technology and insulating properties as jackets in the full size range it is guaranteed to keep young kids warm and dry when they are out in the snow playing or being pushed in their buggy.

Featuring fleeced lined front pockets for warming hands, removable coyote fur ruff, 625 power white duck down insulation it is available in a range of sizes including 0-3 months, 3-6m, 6-12m up to 4 years.

The Youth Collection at Canada Goose

Canada Goose makes some of the best cold weather gear on the planet and their jackets and parkas are famous for their quality and insulating properties.  Designed to withstand some of the most hostile environments on Earth, Canada Goose wear offers the ultimate in cold weather protection.  As well as making jackets and parkas for adults Canada Goose manufactures a range of products designed for youths.  Some of the items in the youth range include:

Youth PBI Expedition Parka

The Expedition Parka was originally designed for researchers working in the Antarctic and is one of the warmest jackets in the range.  The Youth PBI version has all of the same features as well as the PBI (polar bears international) logo and comes in the same iconic blue colour.

The PBI Expedition Parka has a TEI (thermal experience index) rating of 5 which means that is designed for the most extreme conditions and temperatures down to -30c.  It features 4 fleeced lined hand warmer pockets, removable coyote fur ruff, adjustable and insulated tunnel hood, storm flap over central zipper and is mid-thigh in length for the ultimate protection.  It is available in sizes from XS-XL and a $25 donation is made to PBI with each youth Expedition Parka purchase.

Youth Down Glove

The Youth Down glove is designed to keep hands warm in even the coldest of temperatures.  It has a number of design features that offer the ultimate in protection and warmth including:

  • 525 fill power goose down
  • Nylon exterior for enhanced water resistance
  • Nose wipe
  • Reinforced palm and thumb
  • Fleece cuff

The glove is available in three colours and in sizes from small to extra-large.  It is the ideal accompaniment to any of the jackets in the Canada Goose range of youth wear.


Expedition Parka by Canada Goose

When it comes to the ultimate in Parkas and jackets for the harshest of weather conditions there is only one name to trust-Canada Goose.  They have been making jackets and parkas designed to withstand the toughest conditions the world has to offer for more than 60 years and they have been worn everywhere from the Antarctic to the top of Everest.  While the Expedition Parka isn’t the newest jacket in the Canada Goose range it is still regarded as being one of the best.


Canada Goose Expedition Parka


Shell: 85% polyester /15% cotton blend with a Durable Water Resistant Arctic tech finish.

Lining: 55gsm, Nylon plain weave treated with water repellent finish.


625 fill power white duck down.


  • Mid-thigh length for protection and coverage
  • Hood with a coyote fur ruff surrounds an adjustable tunnel hood
  • Keep snow, wind, cold and rain out with the help of a storm flap over main zipper, nylon snow skirt, draw cord around the waist and recessed rib knit cuffs
  • A number of pockets for storage as well as pockets designed for hand warming

The Expedition Parka has been tested and used in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet.  It has a TEI (thermal experience index) of 5 from Canada Goose which means that it is suitable for extreme conditions down to -30c.  With people relying on this jacket to keep them safe in the worst possible weather it is essential that it performs as it should and of course it does.  The jacket is supremely warm and while it isn’t the lightest coat in the Canada Goose range that is the trade off for the extra warmth and insulation it offers.  The pockets, Velcro flaps and zippers can all be easily operated with hands wearing thick gloves and once they are in place will not move no matter how hard the wind blows.

It is worth bearing in mind that this coat is designed for extreme conditions.  If you aren’t going to be venturing out into temperatures of -30c there are a range of lighter coats in the Canada Goose range that will be a better match.  If you are then you can depend on this coat to keep you warm and dry.


Canada Goose History

Canada Goose is widely regarded as making some of the best coats and outerwear for extreme weather conditions.  Their coats and jackets have been worn everywhere from the summit of Mount Everest to the North and South Pole.  While Canada Goose specialise in creating clothing that is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry it is not all function over form.  Canada Goose coats are stylish as well as warm and have been spotted on a number of celebrities on and off the film set.
If you are looking for a jacket that will get you through the winter in style and comfort whether you are venturing into the great outdoors or just braving the elements on the way to work look no further than Canada Goose.  Here is all you need to know about this great Canadian company.


Founded originally as Metro Sportswear in Sam Tick in Canada in 1957 Canada Goose is now recognised around the world as the leading manufacturer of outerwear for extreme weather conditions.  Production of all their lines of clothing is still based in Canada and always will be.


The material used in Canada Goose Parkas and coats is what sets it apart from its competitors.  One example of this is the fur around the hood.  While many companies use a synthetic material to save money CG use coyote fur.  Coyote fur never freezes or retains water even in the harshest of temperatures and as the hairs are uneven in length it creates a windbreak that helps to protect exposed skin.
Canada Goose is renowned for making some of the warmest coats in the world that can withstand virtually any extremes of temperature.  While they are incredibly warm they are also light in weight and this is because of the material used to insulate them.  CG are experts in insulation technology with more than 50 years’ experience creating coats and jackets for extreme weather conditions.  They use Hutterite down in all their insulation blends which has the ability to retain much more warm air than the downs used by other manufacturers.


All CG products are handmade and stitched in Canada.  The attention to detail is second to none and everything is made to the highest possible specifications.  Coats that are intended to protect people in the toughest conditions need to be perfect in every way and that is what Canada Goose is committed to.

How to Spot a Fake Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose is renowned around the world for the quality and craftsmanship of their parkas.  Like many successful and iconic brands these days their merchandise is frequently copied and counterfeited and it is a growing problem.  Factories in Asia make poor reproductions of Genuine Canada Goose products and while they may look the same on the surface they aren’t going to perform the same way when it really matters.

Dangers of Fake Products

Canada Goose has more than 50 years’ experience producing jackets and outerwear designed to withstand the harshest Arctic weather.  Counterfeiters to put it simply don’t.  While the jackets may look the same a fake parka may put your life at risk once the temperature starts to drop and you are relying on your jacket to stay warm.  Without a real coyote fur hood and the proper insulation that is only provided by the best blend of Hurrite down the chances of frostbite or freezing go way up.
The materials used in fake Canada Goose parkas may also pose a risk to your health.  Rather than using the best Canadian down to insulate a jacket counterfeiters will use whatever they can get their hands on.  One of the insulators found in fake jackets is feather mulch which is often covered in bacteria, fungus and mildew and poses a threat to the health of anyone wearing it.
Of course buying a fake jacket or parka is not going to do your wallet much good either.  Sites that sell fakes are unlikely to offer you a refund when you find out that you bought an imitation.

How to Spot a Fake

One of the simplest ways to spot a fake or counterfeit is by looking at the fur ruff on the hood.  Authentic parkas use coyote fur which is long and luxurious and never freezes no matter what the temperature may be.  Fakes use fur from animals such as dogs and racoons and it tends to look much shorter and scragglier.
Every genuine Canada Goose product made since 2011 comes with a hologram as a badge of its authenticity.  Another way to spot a fake is to look at the quality of the stitching on the Arctic disk badge.
If you want to know whether you are buying from a genuine Canada Goose online retailer there is a handy tool on the official website.  Just enter the URL of the website and you can quickly and easily find out whether they are approved or not.

Parkas in the 2012 Canada Goose Collection

Canada Goose produces some of the finest outerwear and jackets in the world. Designed to withstand the toughest elements and conditions they have been worn everywhere from the summit of Mt. Everest to polar expeditions. Their innovative styling and features means that these days they are just as likely to be seen in an urban environment as in the wilderness. Wherever they are worn one thing is certain and that is they will keep the cold out.

The Thermal Experience Index

The TEI system was developed to help people choose the right jacket or parka for the conditions they will be facing or the activities they will be pursuing. It is a simple 5 point system:

· TEI 1. Lightweight jackets designed for active pursuits. Temperature range 5/-5.
· TEI 2. Versatile jackets offering ultimate warmth and comfort. Temperature range 0/-15.
· TEI 3. Fundamental range designed for everyday use at temperatures between up to -20.
· TEI 4. Built for enduring cold daily temperatures up to -25.
· TEI 5. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Chateau Parka

The Chateau Parka is part of the 2012 Arctic range and rated TEI 4. It offers classic styling and provides complete protection from all but the most extreme of temperatures. It has a slim fit and is just as at home in the city as it is out in the wilds. Available in range of colours it is a classic parka brought right up to date with modern styling features. Other features of the Chateau Parka include:

· Length comes down to the mid-thigh for better protection
· Coyote fur ruff which can be removed when needed
· Fleeced lined outer pockets to help keep hands warm
· Heavy duty zippers with front storm flap
· Superb cold weather protection

Skreslet Parka

The Skreslet Parka is part of the Canada Goose Altitude collection and designed for mountaineers and climbers facing extreme conditions and as such has a TEI 5 rating. Designed with the help of Laurie Skreslet whom it is named after, this jacket can handle the harshest of weather extremes. It comes with a long list of features that will ensure that you stay warm and dry wherever you are wearing it. Filled with 750 Hutterite down for the ultimate insulation and warmth this is one jacket that will never let you down.

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